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SMD3 is the newest version of ShowMyDesktop available. It has multiple monitor support and operates faster than previous versions of ShowMyDesktop. We have found this to be our best solution for Mac computers who require using ShowMyDesktop.
This article will explain how to use ShowMyDesktop function once it's been installed.
For the Mac Install Guide, click the blue text.
For the Windows Install Guide, click the blue text.


What to do in a Meeting

To start using ShowMyDesktop, join a meeting and click on the ShowMyDesktop icon at the top of the screen.


You'll see the SMD Options window after ShowMyDesktop is detected.
Note: The Windows and Apple SMD Options screens will vary slightly.
"Select an Application" and "Active Application" are not available on Macs.

SMD Options

Image:Smd3optionswindows913.PNG Image:Smdoptionsmac913.png

  • Entire Screen: This will show the entire screen, everything YOU see, your attendees will see.
  • Select Application: Select from a list of currently active applications running.
  • Active Application: Show one window at a time.
  • Other Device: Here you can display the camera in the area that the SMD would show your desktop.

Monitor to Show: You can choose which monitor to display to the participants. This feature is only for computers with multiple monitors connected. If you just have a single monitor, this will always display as Screen 1.

Image Quality: Allows you to choose the quality of what you're displaying to your participants. Lowering the quality allows SMD to stream the quickest. The higher the quality, the higher the bandwidth consumption.

  • Main Video Panel: Here you can select which participants video will show in the upper right corner of the screen during your presentation.
    • The Advanced button allows you to change streaming capabilities to people that are not listed in the drop down menu.
  • Remote Controller: Choose a user to control your mouse and keyboard. You will also remain in control of your own mouse and keyboard. Both of you can click and type on your computer.
  • Show All Attendees: Here you can select if the participants video boxes will be shown on the right corner of the screen during your presentation.
    • Use Larger Videos: Increases the size of the attendee video images. This checkbox becomes available when Show All Attendees is checked.
  • Fit to Screen: Click this option to Fit the presentation area into the guests' screens.

ShowMyDesktop Currently in Progress


You are showing your computer screen to the people connected to your meeting. They see exactly what you see. So if you are looking at your Email, the people connected to your meeting will see your Email. If you are looking at a PDF file, the people connected to your meeting will see the PDF file. The same goes for PowerPoint presentations, text documents, websites, spreadsheets, pictures and basically anything else on your computer.

ShowMyDesktop is not recommended for showing Videos to meeting participants.
To play a video please read the article here for the Web Video and YouTube Player.

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