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Welcome to the MegaMeeting Wiki. This wiki was created with the intent to explain all technical functionalities and all options of the MegaMeeting subscriptions. Not all features will be enabled on your account. It is possible that you will see some documentation and screenshots in these articles which do not pertain to your account.

If you have questions about what kind of account and which options you have, please call us at 818-783-4311 ext 2 for sales.

If you encounter anything in this wiki that is incorrect, incomplete, or outdated please notify the MegaMeeting Support Department by email -

Getting Started

There are four ways to log into MegaMeeting: Admin, Host, Temporary Host, Guest. Please see the sections below for more information. Each section will link to the appropriate guide.


The Admin Section is only available for Business Bundle accounts and is accessed by going to your login page and clicking Admin in the top left. This section is used for Running Reports, Creating Host Logins, Meeting Skins, etc...

Host and Temporary Host

The Host Section is for Creating and Joining Meetings.

Temporary Hosts are invited to one Meeting and can only use the options in that Meeting.


Guests will log into your meetings in one of several ways and are going to be the majority of your participants. You can send guests Email Invitations, put a Meeting Link on your website, require guests to Register for a meeting, etc. Guests can join from a computer or use the MegaMeeting Mobile Application from their iOS or Android phone or tablet.

Advanced Feature Guides

In addition to the articles listed above, please see the below articles for more specific features.

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