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The Options Menu or Options Button is in the top left of almost all meeting interfaces unless the Host has chosen to hide it. This article will discuss the Options available on the Host Page of the account.

For Admin Options click here.

For Host Meeting Options click here.



  • Click on the Options button in the top left of the page with the four buttons to Create, Join, Edit and End Meetings. From there, you'll see and have access to different options depending on the settings of your account.

Contacts Manager


  • You can create new contacts within the contact manager by clicking on New Contact on the right.
  • You can also create folders as well by clicking on New Folder on the right.
    • To create folders within folders (subfolders), highlight a folder and and click on New Folder again on the right.
  • Using the Import function, you can import a .CSV file that you've exported from your email client.
  • If you've accessed the Contacts Manager from the Email Invitations, you'll also be able to click on email addresses, then Select on the right to add them to the invitation.

Contacts manager from email 913.png Contacts manager from email 9132.png

  • You can use SHIFT and CTRL or COMMAND on your keyboard to select multiple email addresses.

Email Invitations

Email Invitations: Use this Invitations Method to send Invites to guests to any meeting you like, without having to create a meeting. Click here to read the Email Invitations article.

Email Invitations History

When using MegaMeeting's email invitation system, the history window will track which meetings you've invited people to.

Invitations history.png

You'll see a list of Meetings created, total number of invitations sent, and the Invitation Details. The Invitation Details show each recipients email address, the date the invitation was sent, and whether or not the email was sent successfully, and subsequently opened.


Recordings: Use this screen to manage all your previous recordings.

Recordings 112.png

  • This feature is not turned on for every account. If you do not have this feature, please contact your sales rep.
  • The MegaMeeting Recording Feature allows you to record Host and Participant Video, Host and Participant VOIP Audio, Host and Participant Public Chat messages, ShowMyDesktop Presentations, Noteboard content and Whiteboard content.

When the recording window is open in the center of the screen, click on the recording you'd like to view.

Recordings window 913.png

  • There will three buttons at the bottom to View, Download, and Delete the selected recording.
    • Click View to open the recording in a new window or tab. The recording will start playing from the beginning. The link in address bar at the top of the page is a public link that you can copy and send to your guests, people who missed the meeting, or others who need to view it. Furthermore, feel free to post this link on your website or social networking site as well.
  • Click Download to download the zip file for your recording. Once saved, unzip the recording. You'll find the FLV files for your recording in the Resources folder. Import your FLV files into your video editing software to combine them and make a recording.
  • Click Delete to get rid of old recordings.

There is also a link on the page that reads, Click to copy the Recording URL to your Clipboard. The next time you paste, you will paste the link for the recording.

For a full explanation of the Recording feature, please see the Recording Article.

Registration Manager

The Registration Manager allows you to see who has registered for your meeting as well as confirm, check who's paid for, and export registrants. To see more about registration, click here - Registration. The Registration feature is only available for Business Bundle accounts.


  • Expand the folder for the meeting name blue clicking on the Blue Arrow to see who has registered for your meeting.
  • To Confirm your guests, go through the registrants and click on the Confirmed checkbox next to their email address.
    • If you've required your guests to pay for the webinar, the last column will show you if the registrant has paid or not. Checked means paid. Unchecked means the registrant has not paid. Click here to read more about PayPal Integration
  • To Export click on the Export Options text at the bottom.


  • Then setup which Columns and Export options.



  • Then click on the Export button to save a .CSV file to your computer.


You can download any of the additional items on your account from here. This includes the ShowMyDesktop Application, the SMD Highlighter Tool, as well as the Outlook Plugin Tool.


  • The Outlook Meeting Addin Tool allows you to Create, Join and End Meetings directly from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Click here to view the Outlook Meeting Addin guide.