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MegaMeeting Mobile is an Application available for Meeting Guests.
Both Apple and Android devices can install the app and can be found in the App Store and Google Play store, respectively.
It should be noted that MegaMeeting Mobile will not allow you to join as a Host.

Installing the Application

Open the Application store or Play store and search for MegaMeeting Mobile and click on the Cloud icon, Install or Get depending on your device and settings.


When installation is complete, you may open the Application and follow the steps below to partake in a meeting.

Joining a Meeting

There are four ways to join a meeting with the Mobile Application.
1) Adding your email address to MegaMeeting Mobile
2) Using an Email Invitation you received from the host
3) Entering the Entering the Meeting ID
4) Entering the Domain and Meeting Name

Each of these methods are explained below.

Adding Your Email Address

When you first open the MegaMeeting Mobile application, you have the option to enter your email address to find meetings you've been invited to. If you skip this step, you will see the options to Join by Meeting ID and to Join by Domain and Meeting Name.


  • Enter your email address and click on Next.
  • You'll receive an email with a verification code. Enter this code on the next screen.


  • Once verified, you'll be able to see which meetings you've been invited to and you'll be able to join from this list.


As an alternative, you can join meetings using the other methods below.

Joining with an Email Invitation

To join from an Email Invitation simply click on the click in your email and you will see the page below.


  • If you haven't installed MegaMeeting Mobile yet, click on the icon for the App Store on the left of the screen. If you're using a smart device running Android, your icon will be different.
    • Follow the steps on your screen to install MegaMeeting Mobile.
  • If you already have MegaMeeting installed, click on application icon on the right. You're Ready to Join.
    • MegaMeeting Mobile will launch and you will see the Join Meeting screen.

Join by Meeting ID

Select Find Meeting... on the left panel.


  • Enter the Meeting ID that was provided in your invitation or by the host of your meeting.
  • Enter your name on the Join Meeting screen and select Join Now.


Join by Domain and Meeting Name

Select Find Meeting... on the left panel.


  • Enter the Domain Name and Meeting Name provided in your invitation or by the host of your meeting.
  • Enter your name on the Join Meeting screen and select Join Now.


Inside a Meeting

When you first get connected to the meeting, you will be in the Webcams mode where you can see the camera images of yourself and the others in the meeting.

In the top right, you can switch to different views. In addition to Webcams, there is a view for Users and Chat.


The Users section shows you a list of people connected to the meeting and the Chat section shows you the public chat window.

Mmminsidemeeting3.PNG Mmminsidemeeting4.PNG

When someone initiates ShowMyDesktop, you will also have a ShowMyDesktop option in the menu.


Clicking on Exit in the menu will take you out of the meeting.