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Bridging VOIP and Teleconferencing

Please let us know if and when you'd like to use this feature. This article will guide you through creating a meeting with the correct settings and what to do once connected to the meeting. Please contact your Sales Rep or Support to activate this feature for your account.

Creating a Meeting mixing Teleconferencing and VOIP

  • Login to your account as the Host and click on Create Meeting.
  • Choose your meeting settings and click on Audio Settings under Advanced.


  • Choose Toll Conferencing and click on the checkbox that reads, Mix Teleconferencing and VOIP Audio and click on OK.
  • Finish creating your meeting and sending email invitations.

Connecting to a Meeting

When you connect to the meeting, click on the Manage Conference Call button at the top of the screen.


In the Conference Call Manager window that opens, click on Connect to dial into the conference bridge.
You will hear the conference call through your computer speakers.


To view the conference call number, moderator and attendee codes, click on the text that reads, Call-In Details.


In order to moderate the teleconferencing portion of the bridge properly you may use the Options drop down menu to Mute your guests.


You can also Switch to Manual Tone Entry to reveal the Dial Pad and enter your own conference codes.

Click on the Dial Pad button.


Enter the code(s) that you'd like to use.


Click out of the dial pad and then click on the Send button.


Conference Codes

As the Moderator, here is a list of the controls for the call

*2 - Begins recording
*3 - Exit conference
*4 - Help menu
*5 - Lecture and Mute modes - Press *5 to enable Lecture mode. In Lecture mode guests may unmute themselves by pressing *6. Press *5 again, and Guest may not unmute themselves. Press *5 a third time, and all callers are unmuted.
*6 - Mute line
*7 - Secures conference - prevents new callers from entering. Hit *7 again to open the conference to new callers.
*8 - Counts callers
*9 - Turns entry and exit tones off.